Bob- A Love Story

I had heard about Bob for a few years and I had even gotten a glimpse of Bob from time to time. Friends crowed that Bob was the best ever, and Bob was no cheap date. I was skeptical, I had seen others like Bob before and had not been overly impressed. Then a few weeks ago after getting a bonus at work, I decided that I too had to have Bob in my life and I didn’t care at what price. I had no idea what I was getting into, which is incredibly unusual for my Type A, Consumer Reports loving self. I research everything before making a commitment and maybe that takes the fun out of things, but it usually makes me happy and smug.

This time was a completely different story. Before I knew what I was doing I was accessing Bob online and scheduled to meet Bob in one week. The day of our initial meeting I was like a kid in a candy store, giddy with anticipation. I saw Bob as soon as I walked in and skipped (Ok not really) over to meet Bob. Then I handed over my paperwork. You see Bob is not a new lover, Bob is a stroller; an incredible, orange jogging stroller to be exact. It’s a Bob Revolution and I love it like I have never loved a stroller before. (and I have a lot of practice in the stroller world, much to my husband’s chagrin) I’m lame, I used to get excited about new movies or restaurants, now it’s a three wheeled transporter of children that makes my heart aflutter. It rides so smoothly, rolls over bumps and curbs like a shark fin cutting through water, and has a cool parking brake.

I bought a cheapo jogger years ago with #1 son and it was a pile of crap. I didn’t get any happiness out of using it. Until I decide what to do with that original jogger it sits by itself in the garage. (I think it might be crying inside.) Bob was a total impulse buy for me, something I never do, but I just couldn’t help myself in this instance and now I am tempted to stand outside the baby superstores on weekends to spread the word. Bob doesn’t need my help, but I want to lend my support to Bob. I went with the orange to pay homage to my beloved alma mater, UVa.

I admit to having some stroller envy in the past. You know those gleaming, funky, brightly colored strollers driven by smiling parents that make you drool a little. I often saw those strollers and while I wouldn’t have minded having one, I wasn’t running out to buy one. For whatever reason, Bob is different and even though purchases such as this often give me buyers remorse, I don’t have it this time. I walk by Bob, sitting there all regal in my garage and I have to stifle a little grin, every time. It’s an incredibly mature reaction.

The worst part is that I am not a runner, even when I am actually running, I am not a runner. My husband likens my running to a cartoon character running in place. So maybe Bob won’t be put through all of his paces with me as an owner, but I do walk for exercise and Bob is a great addition to that. Who knows, when the kids are done with Bob, maybe we’ll have to get a small dog to wheel around.


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