Ahhh the joys of doing it yourself

To save a few measly bucks we decided to rip up the tile in our kitchen before the hardwood goes down next week. I would love for one home improvement project to go as expected. We always get some lovely surprise once we’ve gotten into the work. (like digging up a front concrete walk, only to find a second concrete walk directly underneath the first) This time the surprise was ripping up the tile, ripping up the linoleum underneath to the sub flooring only to find…another layer of linoleum and the original sub floor. Yes, all these layers of flooring.

PLUS, they ran the water line for the ice maker right through the flooring, so we’ll need to turn the water off to the ice maker to remove the water line laying in the floor, except the valve to turn the water is so tight it will not budge, even after soaking it with WD-40. Who are these people that do this half ass work? Their punishment should be to spend all of eternity redoing shoddy home improvement projects. It would have cost us $300 for the flooring people to rip up the tile to get to the sub floor. What we saved in labor, we have probably spent in aggravation. Not to mention the growing pile of scrap growing out back. Is it too early to start drinking?


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