When Toys R Us throws up in your Basement

Due to the aforementioned flooring project of ’08, we have moved all toys to the finished basement. The majority were there already, but a few buckets (yes, buckets) remained in the upstairs family room. We’re using the remodeling as an excuse to move all kid related plastic to the lower level, where we want it to remain. (Who are we kidding?) Now my basement looks like Geoffory Giraffe puked everywhere. Brightly colored plastic dominates the scene and most of it makes noise. We do not buy this offensive “stuff” for the kids, it usually arrives as a gift of some sort; birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Monday, Tuesday, etc. They’re the only children in our family, and our basement/playroom proves it.

We had hoped to contain the toys to a corner of the basement which hasn’t worked. Kidville is slowly encroaching on what should have been Mantown, my husband’s domain. Half of the room is all about hockey and beer, Guinness specifically. The other half? Romper Room hell. A quick trip to Target resulted in storage devices meant to wrangle all the unsightly plastic, however the spillover is inevitable. There’s nothing like trying to refill your glass of Guinness and stepping on a Little People part, those little effers hurt like hell.

I know as the kids get bigger, so will their stuff and it will take up more room in my house. But I do look forward to the days when I don’t feel like I entered Chuck E. Cheese every time I go downstairs.


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