Am I too old to love Justin Timberlake?

I know as a mom I should be thinking about mom jeans and one piece bathing suits (with a skirt according to my dear husband), but I cannot shake my fixation with music that should be unfamiliar to a minivan driving woman, such as myself. Artists like Justin Timberlake and Flo Rida keep popping up on my Ipod. So far I have resisted the urge to dance in public while pushing my jogging stroller, but get me alone in the car or bedroom and all bets are off. The good thing is, I play this type of music with my kids around, so I am not stuck listening to Old McDonald fifteen times a day and they know that there is more to life than Laurie Berkner. The difficult part is making sure the song does not contain certain language that would warrant me having a parent- teacher conference with #1 son’s preschool (he actually prefers the Foo Fighters right now) teacher as to why he keeps calling the little girls in his class Shorty. It’s a fine line, being a parent without losing your soul to the Wonderpets.


1 Comment

  1. RphChick said,

    June 6, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    Those damn WonderPets are the devil I tell you. The devil.

    If I’m not too old to lust over David Cook, then no, you are not too old to love JT. He’s quite yummy.

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