Have milk, will travel

So the power went out Wednesday afternoon due to some horrific storms. Most people were probably concerned with the contents of their fridges and freezers, would those steaks they had in there hold up to 36 hours without power? We had food in our fridge and freezer which would eventually spoil from the outage but what I was concerned about was the nearly 200 oz of breastmilk in our second freezer. I had started the stockpile while on maternity leave and continued rotating and adding to it since going back to work three months ago. The idea of losing any of it made me physically ill. I can replace steak at Safeway, but spoiled breastmilk is gone for good.

When it became obvious Thursday morning that the power was not coming back anytime soon, I had a decision to make, stay at the house and wait for the power to return or head to my in-laws where we could take hot showers and have activities other than staring at one another? No brainer right? I packed up the kids, my work computer and my milk stash and away we went. Once at the inlaws I took over their 2nd freezer; it was a lovely mix of froxen vegetables and Lansinoh storage bags.

Thankfully our power did return in the middle of the night on Friday so we could return home Friday morning. Once again I loaded my milk into the cooler and drove it home. I am thinking a generator could be in our future.


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