Remember 120 Minutes?

I used to love watching this on Sunday nights when I was in high school and supposed to be asleep (that’s what my parents get for allowing a TV in my room), I think it was on around 11pm. I had started watching it so I could be cool and talk about the music with my high school crush, but even after that faded I continued to tune into the show. That was many years ago and I hadn’t thought about 120 minutes in forever.

Cue 4:30 this morning and VH1 Classic (WTF, how am I old enough to be “classic”). There before my eyes was Mathew Sweet with Girlfriend, Soundgarden with a baby faced Chris Cornell (the years have been VERY good to him-yum) and Siouxise with her Banshees. What a time warp. Of course watching 120 Minutes early this morning was a totally different experience altogether. I wasn’t watching so I could throw out band names while I leaned against my locker and made googly eyes at some high school senior with a crappy car (but boomin’ sound system of course) and loads of personal teenage baggage. I was watching because #2 son had been awake for about an hour and had grown tired of his dear old dad. My how times have changed.


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