Dealing with my issues

After another outburst this morning, my husband suggested I deal with my issues. My level of anger is not normal and it needs a better outlet. I agree with him to an extent, but really there are so many craptastic children’s programs on TV, I cannot help but yell at them.

Today’s victim was Oswald on Noggin. We’ve never see this show and after this morning’s episode I am banning it from future viewing. I appreciate shows that are witty, humorous and/or unique. Oswald was none of these. I got particularly enraged when Oswald’s dog Weenie (big surprise, the dog is a dachshund-real clever there) was trying to draw everyone’s attention to the fact that a woodpecker was very close to knocking down a support beam under a tent. Oswald spent 5 minutes saying “What’s wrong Weenie?” as Weenie very clearly was barking at the base of the support beam. Did Oswald look up once? No, he kept whining because he might lose the best pet contest. Luckily for Oswald and friends (and unlucky for me as I would have preferred that they all get crushed by the tent as it fell) Oswald finally pulled his head out of his ass and looked up. How frickin’ hard was that?

The few minutes that the above was taking place were incredibly painful to me, my preschooler would have figured out that he needed to look up about twenty minutes before big, stupid, teeny hat wearing Oswald. This is educational? Five hours later I am still incensed just thinking about it. Whoever created Oswald is an assclown.


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  1. RphChick said,

    June 20, 2008 at 9:20 pm

    I don’t know if you’ve ever seen The Hoobs on Sprout, but they will send you over the edge. They have these singing sideways vagina looking things, and they are so freaking annoying. Their creator should be shot. Seriously.

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