Pure Joy

The Husband, myself, #1 and #2 sons went to TH’s family reunion this weekend. It was held at an amusement park in Pennsylvania and the last time we went #1 son was 2 years old and #2 son was not even a consideration. This year #1 son was old enough to be really into the rides. The look on his face as he came down the log flume was worth the 4 hour drive up and down mountains, the expensive gas and being in BFE. (Do I hear banjos?) His mouth was a wide open grin, his eyes totally lit up and he could not contain his excitement and energy when he got off the ride.

It was one of those water rides where you come off completely soaked to the skin. As an adult the idea of sitting in wet underwear all day grosses me out, but to an almost 5 year old, it’s just proof that he was tall enough for the big rides. I told TH later than evening as we headed to our hotel, that is why we had kids, just to experience life as a little kid again. I think TH and I needed that, since we’ve been battling sleep deprivation for many months, to the extent that we were wondering why we just didn’t stick with cats.


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