Kelly Preston Has my Back?

On Friday morning I was watching Today while getting dressed (it was a day off, hence the late start) and Hoda and Kathy Lee interviewed Kelly Preston, aka Mrs. John Travolta. She had a new movie premiering on Lifetime over the weekend. They chitchatted about the movie and then either Hoda or Kathie Lee (I don’t remember, they are equally irritating and now shall be known as Koda) asked Kelly how she does it, meaning how does she balances working and her kids. Are. You. Kidding. Me?

Kelly talked about how John flies the whole family to location and blah, blah, blah. I am sorry but Kelly Preston has nothing in common with the regular working mom. I do not see Kelly stressed out because she is stuck in traffic and will not make it to daycare before 6:30pm, then incur the $20 fine for being late. Or having business meetings planned for the day only to wake up with a vomiting child and wondering if her employer will be angry (e.g. ding her come raise/bonus time) for calling into work.

Admittedly, I am very fortunate. I have a supportive spouse, flexible job and family nearby that is always offering to help. If I am perturbed with Today’s assumption that Kelly Preston can feel my working mom pain, then how about the women who have no support and no flexibility, is Kelly speaking to them? I can see where Hoda and Kathy Lee are coming from, they have more in common with Kelly Preston then I ever will. But to assume that Kelly Preston’s work/life balance advice can help out Mrs. Jane American is preposterous. If Kelly does not get paid because she is not working since the kids are ill, does she get behind on bills?

I would much rather see an interview between Koda and a woman who works at Big Box Store forty hours a week and have them ask her how she manages. She might tell them she does not manage, but the interview would be much more realistic to the vast majority of viewers. I know, I know what do I expect from Today? Apparently way too much.


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