If He Really Loved Me

I have a feeling that The Husband really doesn’t care about me, or our kids. I have been trying to help him find a job and he has turned down the last 3 suggestions I made. He won’t even submit a resume which I find incredibly selfish. His argument is 1. he has a well paying job thank you very much and 2. I keep suggesting things that could get him killed. Eh, the life insurance is paid up.

Since it’s summer and we’re in reality TV hell we keep watching shows that while dangerous appear to generate a lot of money in a relatively short amount of time. The first thing he rejected was being a crab fisherman, a la Deadliest Catch. Apparently braving the Bering Sea and beating ice off a fishing boat don’t interest him. The second job was being a coal miner in WVa (we saw this on 30 Days). Aside from the obvious (living in WVa) he moaned about a cave in or black lung (I would put him in an iron lung if necessary.) He also bemoaned the fact that the annual salary wasn’t that high. I retorted that in WVa it is, which leads us back to reason #1 for not being a coal miner. Third in line was driving the ice road in Canada. (Ice Road Truckers) He actually gave me no specific reason; he just glared at me and said “Fuck no.” He’d only need to work 8 WEEKS and then he could eat all of the bons bons he wanted. So, the ice is only about 28 inches thick and cracks all along the way, he most likely would be fine. Where is his sense of adventure, his drive to support his family? I guess I still need to check out Black Gold.


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