My poor neglected toes

I have never been good at going in for regular hair appointments, split ends are my calling card. But, I have been much better about keeping my feet in shape, especially during sandal season. That is until this season. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way of pedicure appointments, even the do it yourself variety, which aren’t as much fun anyway. I had been hiding my feet in closed toe shoes, but this week the closed toe shoes went into the back of the closet and the sandals came out, naked toes be damned.

Now my toes are not completely gnarly; my nails are trimmed and clean, but Holy Dry Heels Batman. Yikes. I guess I hadn’t taken a really good look lately. I think I need to move self preservation to the top of my to do list, if I could train #1 son to work a pumice stone I would be in business.


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