Alex Oveckin brings tears to our household

I have mentioned The Husband’s rabid fanaticism for hockey. He has corrupted #1son as well, so today they’re off to development camp for the Washington Caps at Kettler. Be still my beating heart. #1 son has had his Ovechkin jersey on for hours now and in order to eliminate tears once they arrive at camp, TH decided to let #1 know now that Ovechkin, Mike Green, etc won’t be at camp, and that Ovechkin is not even in town. Being almost five years old (and male) #1 heard only part of the conversation and his eyes started welling. He heard “Ovechkin is gone.” With a trembling lip he cried “I don’t want Ovechkin to leave.”

We had to quickly calm him down and explain (again) that Ovechkin is only on vacation and visiting his mom and dad in Russia, but he’ll be back in a month or so. With a new understanding of the situation, #1 calmed down and resumed his imitation of a hockey player, complete with police riot helmet. (He doesn’t have an actual hockey helmet, so he uses the riot helmet from his dress up clothes collection) I thought I had a little more time before there was crying over Ovechkin and fully expected it to come from The Husband when the Caps push for The Cup in the coming years. The love for Mr. Ovechkin runs deep in our household.


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