Growing Pains, all Around

#1 son is going through a serious growth spurt. His legs ache, he’s sleeping in, he’s eating us out of house and home. All of the tell tail signs. One sign we were not prepared for was the emotional drama of a growth spurt. He’s normally not a big crier, but as his limbs have grown, the tears have flowed. The other night he was crying that he was going to run away and live on the sidewalk in front of our house. (I had to stifle my giggle) My non-snuggler has been clinging to me. Normally I drop him off at school and he runs to play with his buddies. Not the past week. He’s stood there, tears streaming down his face yelling, “Please don’t go.” Yeah, that makes me feel like Mother of the Year. After talking with moms of older kids, this appears to be pretty normal, growing takes an emotional toll on kids as well. I naively thought that by having two boys and no girls I had avoided all of these histrionics. Nope, wrong again.


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