The Answer is still No

“Is #2 son sleeping through the night?” That is the question I receive on a daily basis. I don’t understand why they continue to ask, the bags under my eyes should provide enough evidence that no, he is not sleeping through the night. I know he’s 8 months old, I know he “should” be sleeping through (according to whichever baby guru you read), I know a lot of it is habit. But at 1am (or 3am or whatever time it is where the sky is still dark) I go with the path of least resistance to get him back to sleep. I am a zombie. I have needed eight straight hours of sleep since day one. I have not gotten that in about 17 months, because I had severe insomnia during my pregnancy with #2.

I could lie to those asking the question and just say yes, but I think this is a disservice to those that ask who don’t have kids yet. Child rearing is not all sunshine, roses and puppy dogs. It’s a poop filled, puked on, crying jag mess at times and pontificating to the child free on the wonders of children isn’t fair to them. So I am prepared to say “No, he doesn’t sleep and I feel like crap” for the next 18 years, until he goes to college.


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