That’s me, on vacation, drinking wine, without a care in the world. Well vacation such as it is with 2 young kids. Still we’re not home doing chores or working for The Man. A break is a break. The glee on #1’s face by having “9 stay home days” is completely worth it. Though we just got the rates for next summer’s beach house and I nearly fell over. It’s the first year in many we have to go during peak season because #1 will be in kindergarten next Fall. Good God going with the masses is expensive.


My son, the eccentric

#1 son has a costume fetish, specifically super hero themed costumes. He’s not allowed to wear them to school, except for the Halloween celebration, so he gets creative with his everyday clothing, such as blue shorts and blue tee to look like Superman. But lately he’s been adding musicians to the mix. After seeing a block of Genesis videos (Land of Confusion, I Can’t Dance) he asked for dark pants and a white shirt so he could be Phil Collins from I Can’t Dance. Today, he wanted to be Pink. Yes, Pink. We heard her new single in the car last night and downloaded it from Itunes when we arrived home. He decided that he wanted to look like Pink does in the album cover that goes with the single. So it was green shorts and a black top. Thankfully, Pink has gone back to blond hair, which #1 son already has.

Please don’t make me go to school…

These words uttered by #1 at bedtime tonight, with tears. I can’t tell if we’re heading into another emotional growth spurt or what. He wants to quit school and have 100 stay home days. Don’t we all?

You know the worst part? I would kill to be sent to a place where I got snacks and lunch at certain times each day vs. looking at the clock at 2pm and saying “Shit, I forgot to eat lunch again.” A place with an enormous playground where I could run around (eh, who am I kidding, I’d prefer a bar), a definite nap time EVERY DAY (heaven), and the most stressful part of my week is what to bring for show and tell on Tuesdays. Little dude has no idea how good he has it.

I know, it’s all about perspective and my little homebody much prefers chilling in his PJs and hanging out in the family room than going to school most days. Other days he’s begging us to take him incredibly early. But the tears get me every time. I would love nothing more than to call in tomorrow and have us all chill at home. Not going to happen. We’re taking vacation in 2 weeks and that means I have to run around like a crazy loon at work just to enjoy those precious few days off. Then I get to run around like a loon upon my return to work playing catch up. Oh yeah and I have several TPS reports due, like yesterday.

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is the celebration of my birth, Yippee! Except that Hurricance Hanna has literally put a damper on the festivities. Our original plans are scrapped, we’re stuck in the house, the baby is clingy and there’s no birthday cake. Yet. #1 son and TH are supposed to remedy this problem soon. Provided the rain subsides even a little we’ll go out to dinner.

Not that I expect parades and grand parties at my age, but birthdays have become very ho hum, just another day. Granted, having a birthday is better than the alternative, but after one’s 21st birthday, they mostly just don’t matter. I think next year I am going to wear a tiara all day.