Less than 2 months to go

I bet I don’t even have to tell you to what I am referring in my title. Christmas of course. My heart has already begun racing at the thought of the cards, gifts, decorations, family, etc that goes into the holiday. Fortunately, no one in our family (immediate and otherwise) needs a darn thing. Unfortunately, they still want to exchange gifts. I started trying to convince (not very well according to the looks I get) different family members that it is more fun to plan an outing together than to buy things off of a list that the recipient doesn’t really need. No one is waiting for Christmas to roll around so they can finally have that three pack of underwear.


Halloween from the big box store

I should feel guilty, like a slacker mom. My kids’ Halloween costumes are from a store, not homemade. I never had a store bought costume as a child. My mom made our costumes and created elaborate faces with makeup, no masks allowed ever. I was Bugs Bunny, Cleopatra, a leprechaun, things that involved a wardrobe, accessories and makeup. They took time to create and time to remove once the trick or treating was done.

Not in this house. Both kids have their costumes on hand, and #1 is wearing a mask (the horror). I like to blame it on a dual working parent household, but honestly, even if I didn’t work, the costumes would be from the store. I am not creative and don’t have any desire to become so. I warn my kids early on that their mommy will not be sewing for the school play, or painstakingly paper macheing anything, ever. I will volunteer to help at school events, I will carpool, I will buy whatever fund raiser they’re hawking, but I will not do anything that requires a trip to Michael’s.

So on Halloween I will take pride in the fact that I had my act together enough to actually purchase costumes before everything sold out, and not lose sleep over the fact that I wasn’t up until midnight sewing #2’s devil horns onto a hat.

Pumping it Up

#1 turned 5 yesterday, and we decided to make this a BIG birthday. We celebrated at Pump it Up, PIU from here on out. I came away exhausted and with rug burns from zooming down the slides and obstacle courses alongside people less than half my size, which I am way too old to do. I am so, so glad we subbed out the party vs. having it at home. Fourteen five year olds in my house? The very idea makes me want to stab my eyes out. In fact I had a beer (or 2) after we got home from the party and I had done nothing but visit with guests and play the entire time. My dad asked me how many kids were there and when I said “Fourteen” he was shocked, he thought there were fifty.

The PIU employees had energy and smiles the entire two hours we were there, I was shocked. Until one revealed it was her first day. AHHH, that makes total sense. The first day I was a mom I was all smiles too. Five years later I am but a shadow of my former self, plus we added #2 to the mix.

I have spent my entire Sunday cleaning up from the gift opening we did with family post PIU. #1 needs NOTHING for Christmas, but we now we need to get him on board with this idea.

#2 turns 1 next month, his celebration will be more low key, the highlight being him smashing the cake. I am sure in a couple more years we will be “pumping it up” all over again for his celebration. Unfortunately, I will be even older then, and the rug burns will hurt more.


When the day ends with locking your keys in the car and not being able to take #1 son to ice skating, you know your day sucked. Thankfully, my mother in law was around to take #1, otherwise massive tantrum would have capped my day. Lousy meeting, lousy coirkers and a STILL not sleeping #2 child makes for a craptacular Monday. I need to start playing the lottery.