Today is a PJ day, or in #1’s words “pajammy” day. #1 and #2 are both in their PJs at 3:20pm EST. The only reason TH and I are clothed is because I ran on the treadmill (done early so I could justify some wine later in the day-and now is technically later) and remain in my leggings and t-shirt, and TH is out blowing leaves. So yeah, we’re all pretty gross. But 2 cases of strep (TH and me, not the germpits…errr kiddos), an upset tummy (#1, I am looking at you) and the ever cranky #2 (seriously, how bad can it be to have every single of your needs met on a daily basis) who needs to be “fancy” (another favored term by #1)?

And dinner has been cooking all day; I got my act together and put a black bean chili in the crockpot this morning, I’ll use leftovers for enchiladas tomorrow. (Are you there God? It’s me, Martha). Yum.


So Naive

Five years ago when #1 was born, TH and I naively (or maybe it was just me) thought we’d be less busy, at least while #1 was young and not involved in many activities. We were terribly wrong, and 5 years later #1 leads an enviable social life. Throw #2 into the mix and we don’t know where we’re supposed to be or when half the time. Enter Google Calendar. Knowing that a paper calendar only works if someone is home to look at it (and if you need such a calendar, you are probably not home anyway), TH decided we needed to go the electronic route. Thank God.

Even though it is somewhat depressing to see our time marked off in various colors practically everyday (downtime, what downtime?) it is great to be able to check our schedule anywhere we have computer access. TH gave everyone in the family a color and so we know blue means it’s a family activity, purple is me, sports is brown (doesn’t everyone know “sports” needs it own color?), etc.

The most prevalent item on the calendar is for #1’s birthday parties, he goes through periods where he has one a weekend several weekends in a row. We could say “no thank you” but when the entire class has been discussing the ins and outs of the celebration for weeks, it’s hard to decline, unless we already have something on the calendar (appropriately color coded of course). Running around for the kids’ schedules doesn’t start when they hit elementary school, like I believed five years ago, it practically starts in the womb.

Happy Birthday Beautiful Boy

So the actual birthday was yesterday, but I didn’t have the time to sit and write with all of the festivities. It was relatively low key, a year old really has no clue what is going on. Being the eater in the family, we fully expected #2 to dive into birthday cake. But with 8 people staring at him with cameras ready, he was more bewildered than anything, until I actually put a piece of cake in his mouth, then he started chowing down.

On the topic of cake, my original plan was to channel my inner Duff and make an Elmo cake. My inner cheapskate won out, by the time I purchased the special pan and frosting supplies, Elmo was going to cost about $50. Knowing my creative skills are lacking, I quickly nixed the Elmo cake. TH made a vanilla cake that was so moist it separated into three sections while being frosted. Horrified by his creation he ran to Safeway the morning of the party and grabbed a small cake to have in pictures. The crater cake tasted great, it just didn’t look so hot.

Sipping red wine later in the day, TH and I commented on how we couldn’t believe it had been a year. A year of sleepless nights, tears and stress (and that’s just me). It was also a year of laughs, chubby arms and legs, first smiles/steps/teeth. The first year is a trial no matter how easy the baby and #2 is/was no easy baby. But 12 months later we cannot imagine our household without him, and though he is only a year old, it seems like he has always been here. What was life like before the kids? I am starting to forget. But that may be the sleep deprivation talking.

Ahhh, my ears

#2 is finally teething, one week shy of his first birthday. With #1 we lucked out, he teethed late but was pretty laid back about the whole thing, every once in a while we would notice a new tooth in his collection. There was no fussing, no tears. I told TH months ago, based on #2’s personality there was no way he would be as relaxed about getting his teeth. I should have bet on that. With one tooth barely through the gum line, we have had 24 hours of “MAMAMAMAMAAAAA”, moaning, and general whining. It’s not even 10am and I already need a glass of an adult beverage.  One tooth down, only nineteen to go. I think I am the one who’s going to start whining now.