What mess mom?

Times have changed. I admit to being an anal control freak, whose house will never be neat enough for my own liking. However, between the births of #1 and #2 something happened. I have chilled a wee bit. #1 and #2 sit amidst an enormous mess of rubber containers and lids in my kitchen. While I allowed #1 to empty this same cabinet as a little guy, I still maintained some control over the chaos. (only a few containers allowed at a time, only allowing the mess for about 5 minutes) Since #2 came along, the amount of minutes I can get by myself is much less, so short of chewing on an aluminum can from the recycling bin, whatever gets me those precious minutes is fair game. Especially when TH isn’t home from work yet, it’s dark outside at 5pm, a Pete’s Wicked Ale is whispering to me from the fridge, and new magazine arrived in today’s mail.