Poor neglected blog

I have been a neglectful blogger. It was completely unanticipated, but my 9 to 5 took over for the month of December. January 1 is my busiest day of the year, so the month leading up to it is a flurry of meetings, reports, conference calls, etc. And what reward awaits me in the end? This year it was a series of panic attacks, a left eye twitch and finally a cold sore, oh yes I was quite the looker on December 31st. Luckily we stayed in with the kids for the night.

I have to think my physical ailments are a sign, that maybe I am not handling my stress so well. This is nothing new, I have always been a person whose stress manifests itself internally. But after the past hellish month of middle of the night wakings thinking, “Oh $%&%, did I send that e-mail/make that phone call/finish that report?” I realize something has to change. No one gets paid enough for this (well maybe there is someone who does, but it’s certainly not me) Part of the problem is that I care a lot about my clients, in fact way too much. In some cases, I think I care about their accounts more than they do. Clearly, this is out of whack.

I am not one for resolutions, they are too easy to break or toss aside before January makes its exit. Instead I intend to come up with a solution, so that this time next year, I will not have gone more than 30 days without posting.


Halloween from the big box store

I should feel guilty, like a slacker mom. My kids’ Halloween costumes are from a store, not homemade. I never had a store bought costume as a child. My mom made our costumes and created elaborate faces with makeup, no masks allowed ever. I was Bugs Bunny, Cleopatra, a leprechaun, things that involved a wardrobe, accessories and makeup. They took time to create and time to remove once the trick or treating was done.

Not in this house. Both kids have their costumes on hand, and #1 is wearing a mask (the horror). I like to blame it on a dual working parent household, but honestly, even if I didn’t work, the costumes would be from the store. I am not creative and don’t have any desire to become so. I warn my kids early on that their mommy will not be sewing for the school play, or painstakingly paper macheing anything, ever. I will volunteer to help at school events, I will carpool, I will buy whatever fund raiser they’re hawking, but I will not do anything that requires a trip to Michael’s.

So on Halloween I will take pride in the fact that I had my act together enough to actually purchase costumes before everything sold out, and not lose sleep over the fact that I wasn’t up until midnight sewing #2’s devil horns onto a hat.


That’s me, on vacation, drinking wine, without a care in the world. Well vacation such as it is with 2 young kids. Still we’re not home doing chores or working for The Man. A break is a break. The glee on #1’s face by having “9 stay home days” is completely worth it. Though we just got the rates for next summer’s beach house and I nearly fell over. It’s the first year in many we have to go during peak season because #1 will be in kindergarten next Fall. Good God going with the masses is expensive.

Please don’t make me go to school…

These words uttered by #1 at bedtime tonight, with tears. I can’t tell if we’re heading into another emotional growth spurt or what. He wants to quit school and have 100 stay home days. Don’t we all?

You know the worst part? I would kill to be sent to a place where I got snacks and lunch at certain times each day vs. looking at the clock at 2pm and saying “Shit, I forgot to eat lunch again.” A place with an enormous playground where I could run around (eh, who am I kidding, I’d prefer a bar), a definite nap time EVERY DAY (heaven), and the most stressful part of my week is what to bring for show and tell on Tuesdays. Little dude has no idea how good he has it.

I know, it’s all about perspective and my little homebody much prefers chilling in his PJs and hanging out in the family room than going to school most days. Other days he’s begging us to take him incredibly early. But the tears get me every time. I would love nothing more than to call in tomorrow and have us all chill at home. Not going to happen. We’re taking vacation in 2 weeks and that means I have to run around like a crazy loon at work just to enjoy those precious few days off. Then I get to run around like a loon upon my return to work playing catch up. Oh yeah and I have several TPS reports due, like yesterday.

My poor neglected toes

I have never been good at going in for regular hair appointments, split ends are my calling card. But, I have been much better about keeping my feet in shape, especially during sandal season. That is until this season. Unfortunately, life has gotten in the way of pedicure appointments, even the do it yourself variety, which aren’t as much fun anyway. I had been hiding my feet in closed toe shoes, but this week the closed toe shoes went into the back of the closet and the sandals came out, naked toes be damned.

Now my toes are not completely gnarly; my nails are trimmed and clean, but Holy Dry Heels Batman. Yikes. I guess I hadn’t taken a really good look lately. I think I need to move self preservation to the top of my to do list, if I could train #1 son to work a pumice stone I would be in business.

A little pick me up

I admit, it doesn’t take much to make me giggle inside, or out loud like I did when I spied these cocktail napkins earlier today. My monthly moms group should appreciate these when I host in July. “Moms Group” probably sounds as if we’re sitting around doing macrame (whatever the hell that is), but it mostly consists of 10 or so of us sitting around a group member’s house on a Friday night once a month, eating appetizers and drinking. A LOT. TH calls this group the Drunk Moms Group. Therefore, these are perfect.

Run, Run, Run

It’s days like these I need another me or even my own wife to help out. On top of the regular life stuff (work, kids, spouse) I am expecting a delivery of 40+ boxes of hardwood during a 2 hour window this morning. (At least it was a 2 hour window and not an all day window.) Then I need to dash off to pick up my dad from the airport, run back to my house to meet a contractor, then run off to a meeting with a client this afternoon. Not only do I need to tighten my super hero cape, I need some extra caffeine!