Less than 2 months to go

I bet I don’t even have to tell you to what I am referring in my title. Christmas of course. My heart has already begun racing at the thought of the cards, gifts, decorations, family, etc that goes into the holiday. Fortunately, no one in our family (immediate and otherwise) needs a darn thing. Unfortunately, they still want to exchange gifts. I started trying to convince (not very well according to the looks I get) different family members that it is more fun to plan an outing together than to buy things off of a list that the recipient doesn’t really need. No one is waiting for Christmas to roll around so they can finally have that three pack of underwear.


Pumping it Up

#1 turned 5 yesterday, and we decided to make this a BIG birthday. We celebrated at Pump it Up, PIU from here on out. I came away exhausted and with rug burns from zooming down the slides and obstacle courses alongside people less than half my size, which I am way too old to do. I am so, so glad we subbed out the party vs. having it at home. Fourteen five year olds in my house? The very idea makes me want to stab my eyes out. In fact I had a beer (or 2) after we got home from the party and I had done nothing but visit with guests and play the entire time. My dad asked me how many kids were there and when I said “Fourteen” he was shocked, he thought there were fifty.

The PIU employees had energy and smiles the entire two hours we were there, I was shocked. Until one revealed it was her first day. AHHH, that makes total sense. The first day I was a mom I was all smiles too. Five years later I am but a shadow of my former self, plus we added #2 to the mix.

I have spent my entire Sunday cleaning up from the gift opening we did with family post PIU. #1 needs NOTHING for Christmas, but we now we need to get him on board with this idea.

#2 turns 1 next month, his celebration will be more low key, the highlight being him smashing the cake. I am sure in a couple more years we will be “pumping it up” all over again for his celebration. Unfortunately, I will be even older then, and the rug burns will hurt more.

A Perfect Saturday Morning

With the exception of a too early waking (I’m looking at you #2 son) this was a fabulous Saturday morning. The highlight being our trip to the farmers market. Where else can we get the following: buffalo burgers, buffalo sausage, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, basil, onion, fresh yogurt, fresh bread and a watermelon for $40? Certainly not at the big name grocery store around the corner. The yogurt was so awesome that #1 son asked for seconds (which normally only occurs when there’s chocolate involved-so my kid) We’re morons. The farmers market is local and open every weekend. Yet in the seven years we have lived in this area, this was only our second visit. I think that will change and become part of our weekend routine. Eventually #1 son will stop whining, “It’s so hot.”

You know you are an adult when

You have a new mulcher/chipper sitting in your garage, and you can’t wait for the weekend to come so you can open the box and give it a try. Honestly, TH will be doing the bulk of the chipping/mulching but I am a little excited to put it to use as well. #1 son is also eager, but anything that shows up in a large box garners his attention.

You know your brain is mush

When your 4.5 year old kicks your ass in a memory game, and then points and laughs. Yes I realize that a card with a monkey does not match a card with a whale on it. So what? He taunts me with things like “too bad, so sad.” Where did he pick up this banter? I can assure you we are above that in this house. He obviously gets if from the kids in his preschool class, hoodlums all of them. (Says the woman who is going to practice Hungry Hippos after #1 son’s bedtime so she wins tomorrow’s round of games.)

When Toys R Us throws up in your Basement

Due to the aforementioned flooring project of ’08, we have moved all toys to the finished basement. The majority were there already, but a few buckets (yes, buckets) remained in the upstairs family room. We’re using the remodeling as an excuse to move all kid related plastic to the lower level, where we want it to remain. (Who are we kidding?) Now my basement looks like Geoffory Giraffe puked everywhere. Brightly colored plastic dominates the scene and most of it makes noise. We do not buy this offensive “stuff” for the kids, it usually arrives as a gift of some sort; birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Monday, Tuesday, etc. They’re the only children in our family, and our basement/playroom proves it.

We had hoped to contain the toys to a corner of the basement which hasn’t worked. Kidville is slowly encroaching on what should have been Mantown, my husband’s domain. Half of the room is all about hockey and beer, Guinness specifically. The other half? Romper Room hell. A quick trip to Target resulted in storage devices meant to wrangle all the unsightly plastic, however the spillover is inevitable. There’s nothing like trying to refill your glass of Guinness and stepping on a Little People part, those little effers hurt like hell.

I know as the kids get bigger, so will their stuff and it will take up more room in my house. But I do look forward to the days when I don’t feel like I entered Chuck E. Cheese every time I go downstairs.

Bob- A Love Story

I had heard about Bob for a few years and I had even gotten a glimpse of Bob from time to time. Friends crowed that Bob was the best ever, and Bob was no cheap date. I was skeptical, I had seen others like Bob before and had not been overly impressed. Then a few weeks ago after getting a bonus at work, I decided that I too had to have Bob in my life and I didn’t care at what price. I had no idea what I was getting into, which is incredibly unusual for my Type A, Consumer Reports loving self. I research everything before making a commitment and maybe that takes the fun out of things, but it usually makes me happy and smug.

This time was a completely different story. Before I knew what I was doing I was accessing Bob online and scheduled to meet Bob in one week. The day of our initial meeting I was like a kid in a candy store, giddy with anticipation. I saw Bob as soon as I walked in and skipped (Ok not really) over to meet Bob. Then I handed over my paperwork. You see Bob is not a new lover, Bob is a stroller; an incredible, orange jogging stroller to be exact. It’s a Bob Revolution and I love it like I have never loved a stroller before. (and I have a lot of practice in the stroller world, much to my husband’s chagrin) I’m lame, I used to get excited about new movies or restaurants, now it’s a three wheeled transporter of children that makes my heart aflutter. It rides so smoothly, rolls over bumps and curbs like a shark fin cutting through water, and has a cool parking brake.

I bought a cheapo jogger years ago with #1 son and it was a pile of crap. I didn’t get any happiness out of using it. Until I decide what to do with that original jogger it sits by itself in the garage. (I think it might be crying inside.) Bob was a total impulse buy for me, something I never do, but I just couldn’t help myself in this instance and now I am tempted to stand outside the baby superstores on weekends to spread the word. Bob doesn’t need my help, but I want to lend my support to Bob. I went with the orange to pay homage to my beloved alma mater, UVa.

I admit to having some stroller envy in the past. You know those gleaming, funky, brightly colored strollers driven by smiling parents that make you drool a little. I often saw those strollers and while I wouldn’t have minded having one, I wasn’t running out to buy one. For whatever reason, Bob is different and even though purchases such as this often give me buyers remorse, I don’t have it this time. I walk by Bob, sitting there all regal in my garage and I have to stifle a little grin, every time. It’s an incredibly mature reaction.

The worst part is that I am not a runner, even when I am actually running, I am not a runner. My husband likens my running to a cartoon character running in place. So maybe Bob won’t be put through all of his paces with me as an owner, but I do walk for exercise and Bob is a great addition to that. Who knows, when the kids are done with Bob, maybe we’ll have to get a small dog to wheel around.