In the beginning

I’ve considered writing a blog for a while now, but couldn’t decide what to write, what to call the blog, or figure out when I would even have time to write anything. From about 6:30am until 8pm at night it’s go, go, go in this house. By the time the magical hour of 8pm rolls around, I am ready to plop on the sofa, watch some TV and drool. Yes, I have kids. What else would make me a drooling exhausted mess at such an early evening hour? I also work full time and then there’s that other being in the house who demands attention (no, not laundry) – my husband. For some reason he still likes to hang out with me and thinks I am enjoyable company. Me, the woman with unrecognizable goo on my shirt, hair all askew, and a blank stare. Yes, I am a real catch these days.

Anyway, I finally got my act together and came up with a name. That was a huge challenge, I didn’t want it to be too cutesy (“blogging from mommyhood”- barf) or use my name in the title. So here it is, Bloggin on Empty. I can’t say I’ll do it everyday, but I’ll try. My main reasoning is to have some kind of record of my life now, so in ten years I can look back and see how it was in reality, not some rose colored version of life filled with sunshine and rainbows. I am sure in the future I won’t recall the mornings where no one wants to get dressed for school and I lose my mind, complete with spinning head and sounds coming from my mouth that belong in the animal kingdom. No, I am sure I will recall the sweet smile of my four year old as he skips off to his classroom and tells me how much he loves me vs. the time I chased him around his classroom with him yelling/crying at me that he didn’t want to go home with me. That was charming.

I hope to eventually include some things that make my life easier or items I am in love with at a particular time. But for the first day, this will work just fine.