My Newest Time Suck

Since I don’t have anything else to do (insert heavy sarcasm here) I joined Facebook, mostly because I am incredibly curious. How else can I check in (spy) on people I had not thought about in 10+ years? Of course since I signed up three days ago I have spent a significant amount of time looking up people from my past. I get really irritated when I find their profile is set to private, unless I want to befriend them. What fun is that? I don’t want to be friends, I just want to see their information.  My husband encouraged me to just start adding friends, which creeps me out for some reason. He has no problem being a friend whore and has the numbers to prove it (1,666 and counting). I also didn’t include a picture in my profile, not because I am embarrassed of how I look, but there could be some crazy stalker out there. I know, a little dramatic. But it does freak me out a little bit.


I should be ashamed

I am sitting here gorging myself on Cheetos (baked for all you food police) and watching One Tree Hill (which I TiVoed while at work). #2 son has been in bed for a while and Husband is on #1 son bedtime duty tonight, so I am not neglecting my kidlets. I still feel guilty, as fake cheese clings to my finger tips. I am 31 years old, not 19 and home for summer break. Even worse, the One Tree Hill episode is from 2004. I got sucked in while on maternity leave and can’t get out. At least I haven’t seen these before, unlike the 90210 episodes I catch on Soapnet, which I can practically recite by heart. The only thing that could complete my bliss is a beer, but my level of slackness prevents me from removing my behind from this chair and going to the store.