Pumping it Up

#1 turned 5 yesterday, and we decided to make this a BIG birthday. We celebrated at Pump it Up, PIU from here on out. I came away exhausted and with rug burns from zooming down the slides and obstacle courses alongside people less than half my size, which I am way too old to do. I am so, so glad we subbed out the party vs. having it at home. Fourteen five year olds in my house? The very idea makes me want to stab my eyes out. In fact I had a beer (or 2) after we got home from the party and I had done nothing but visit with guests and play the entire time. My dad asked me how many kids were there and when I said “Fourteen” he was shocked, he thought there were fifty.

The PIU employees had energy and smiles the entire two hours we were there, I was shocked. Until one revealed it was her first day. AHHH, that makes total sense. The first day I was a mom I was all smiles too. Five years later I am but a shadow of my former self, plus we added #2 to the mix.

I have spent my entire Sunday cleaning up from the gift opening we did with family post PIU. #1 needs NOTHING for Christmas, but we now we need to get him on board with this idea.

#2 turns 1 next month, his celebration will be more low key, the highlight being him smashing the cake. I am sure in a couple more years we will be “pumping it up” all over again for his celebration. Unfortunately, I will be even older then, and the rug burns will hurt more.