I should have finished pre-med

#2 son has an ear infection. Such is the life of a little guy in daycare with an older, germ carrying brother. He has handled it in true #2 son style; sleepless night and Crankenstein behavior. Nothing with #2 is remotely easy, ever. Except meal time, when Henry VIII rears his ravenous head and the little fat king eats, a lot. Which is quite the opposite of #1 son (even now) so at least #2 throws us a bone. But I digress.

So his ear infection is bad enough to warrant a dose of antibiotics, orange flavored. I tasted them and this picky eater thinks they are fine. #2 disagrees, strongly. He took them the first 2 times, then began the violent “NO!” head shake. So I started mixing them in apple sauce and he gobbled them up. Until tonight, when the apple sauce was no more.

TH is out at a hockey game, with my blessing, so he is not here to help with the medicine giving gymnastics. But #1 son is. I instructed him to stand in front of #2 and make funny faces (but not too funny, don’t want #2 to choke) while I administered the evil elixir in a syringe. Worked like a freaking charm. So there.