Poor neglected blog

I have been a neglectful blogger. It was completely unanticipated, but my 9 to 5 took over for the month of December. January 1 is my busiest day of the year, so the month leading up to it is a flurry of meetings, reports, conference calls, etc. And what reward awaits me in the end? This year it was a series of panic attacks, a left eye twitch and finally a cold sore, oh yes I was quite the looker on December 31st. Luckily we stayed in with the kids for the night.

I have to think my physical ailments are a sign, that maybe I am not handling my stress so well. This is nothing new, I have always been a person whose stress manifests itself internally. But after the past hellish month of middle of the night wakings thinking, “Oh $%&%, did I send that e-mail/make that phone call/finish that report?” I realize something has to change. No one gets paid enough for this (well maybe there is someone who does, but it’s certainly not me) Part of the problem is that I care a lot about my clients, in fact way too much. In some cases, I think I care about their accounts more than they do. Clearly, this is out of whack.

I am not one for resolutions, they are too easy to break or toss aside before January makes its exit. Instead I intend to come up with a solution, so that this time next year, I will not have gone more than 30 days without posting.